How do you get the animal to stay still for the portrait? My dog is not very well trained... very busy... wild...

I don’t really worry about them being still for the image. I work quickly and then take the time to replace the animal back where I want it to be for the next exposure. With my background in sports photography I am used to working with moving subjects. I am an advocate of treats and the reassurance of the presence of the owner during the session.

I am out of your local area. Do you travel?

I routinely travel to my subject’s home area to create environmental portraits. I currently have images hanging in homes and collections from the UK to China. There is no additional charge for most Puget Sound locations. If you live beyond the Puget Sound Area, just let me know of your interest, as I am willing to take commissions during my frequent trips to the east coast, southwest, Southern California and the UK.

My horse doesn’t load. Can you come to my barn?

Of course I can come to you. We can look for an attractive spot on site or create our own with a large backdrop in a natural color to complement your horse.

Can you tell me about your packages or plans?

There are no packages because each portrait is designed specifically for each client. No two clients seem to have the same requirements for finished images. I do allow for multiple copies of the same image in the same size in my pricing.

Will you donate to my charitable fund-raiser?

I am more than willing to consider your event. I make a large number of donations each year so please send me your details to evaluate as part of our program to support our community.