Ann Gordon considers the combination of photography and animals to be the perfect blend of two of her life’s passions. A photojournalist for nearly 25 years, Ann developed a particular interest in sports photography.

The skills needed for capturing images of horse racing, track and field, vaulting, swimming, and other fast paced sports are the same as those needed to make a litter of puppies look like they are waiting to have their picture taken. Ann captures the essence of our companion animals using both natural and studio light to create rich artwork.

An award winning Certified Professional Photographer, her works hangs in homes and collections in the UK, across the United States and in China. She keeps up with everything photographic through her memberships in the Northern California Professional Photographers Association, the Professional Photographers of California (PPC), the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and the Equine Photographers Network.

An acknowledged expert in the field she has been selected as an instructor of animal photography by both PPC and PPA for their professional enrichment programs.

The Gordon home boasts two dogs: a new Jack Russell Terrier puppy and one Gordon Setter (what else?). Ann handles them in the show ring, in obedience trials and in the field. Mostly they sleep on her bed and under and on her desk (the JRT) sharing all her daily activities.

The endurance riding and jumping of her youth has been replaced by competitive and pleasure carriage driving along with long trail rides in the company of her Friesian gelding.

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